EME DUBUS Digi Contest 2008

This is information about my activity during this weekend. I was participating on EME DUBUS contest 1296 MHz 8th and 9th of February 2008 and partly also work on CW and SSB. Weather was great and I had chance work with my dish. Claimed score in DUBUS contest I have 18 QSO and 17 multipliers, total 30.600 points. Activity was not so high. JT65c I have worked: JA6AHB, RD3DA, RK3WWF, PA3FXB, G4CCH, OK1CA, LA2Z, IW2FZR, OH2DG, ES5PC, K2UYH, OK1CA, VA7MM, SM5LE, PA0BAT, IW2FZR, UT3LL, RK3WWF, DF3RU, VE7BBG, W7UPF #35JT. CW and SSB I have worked: F2TU, VK3UM 579/579, VK3UM 55/56 SSB, OZ4MM 579/576, VK3UM 569/579, RK3WWF O/RO peeking 529 #201, LA9NEA 579/559, G3LTF 569/579.  Still looks that DIGI mode is not so popular on higher bands like is on 144 MHz. What I can say is, that stations on 1296 MHz where exchanging reports in value in dB what is very nice and looks like little bit more complicate traffic. Also confirmation QSOs like TNX QSO or TNX 18 BEST was very often. Thanks again for great fun and hope to catch more stations in next. 

Smallest station worked during contest was RK3WWF 2,1m dish, 70W RF, OK1DFC square septum feed and LNA with ATF54143. Worked him also CW very easy. Measured Sun noise during weekend 19dB with 76 flux number. New VLNA designed by Sam G4DDK working really great.

09. and 10.th of February 2008

VA7MM How stations were calling CQ

Solid signal, speaker copy -8db best

All stations was possible to easy find, because speaker copy all the time :-)

First calling of Franta OK1CA before fix problem with temperature stability (used small blower for cooling TRV) You can see that during decoding he was decoded also as a OH3AWW.

Good copy signal of Franta OK1CA, visible problem with OCXO stability, time to time problem to decode due to drifting QRG.


Very strong signal of Al K2UYH, easy found, copy and decoded.


IW2FZR - problem with stability and oscillating on beginning and end of periods. Looks like the RF is affecting MIC input or so. Also problem with DT, Dario does not use Internet connection for clock locking. See on left, strong enough -7dB best, but no decoded. Dario improved system during test and fix the problem. We worked finally too.

OH2DG IW2FZR - finally we done

OH2DG, very good copy signal, -3dB very strong

Worked both days, also CW for exchanging reports O/RO but Alex was peaking 529 on CW
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