During ARI Digi Contest I have worked with RA0ACM. Sergey using TS-2000, transvertor DB6NT, VLNA G4DDK, rubidium standard freq.-10mHz, PA - 2xRA18H1213G - 75w, antenna 1x49el. Yagi. With this setup I had Sergey's signal -26dB. Sorry to say, to week for CW but Sergey working on improving and will be soon regular station from NO locator QTH Zelenogorsk. Contact to Sergey on QRZ.com Courtesy of Sergey I can show here some pictures. Thanks Sergey and good luck in your follow in EME.

Screen shot of Sergey's PC

TS2000 + TRV DB6NT

SSPA 75W, Yagi and VLNA G4DDK

Preparing Septum feed

Yagi pointing to the Moon

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