Zdenek,   Again many thanks for the FB QSO and screen shot! 

I copy Clair -23dB easy with this small tropo setup !!!

The layout is as follows: FT-847 in shack, connected via 13m of LMR400 to Tokyo Hy-Power HL-120U (60Watts) and ARR preamp...then into 2.5m of LMR400 to M2 432 9wl with 28 elements.  Amp and preamp and power supplies are on cart, which I wheel out under the Yagi (supported by a 3m pole)...so the coax from amps to antenna is as short as possible.  ( The white table boosts the amp up to proper height, when the boom is horizontal.)  The wired remote for operating the beam from a ladder is attached to rotator control in shack.  Yagi boom can be manually rotated for polarization adjustment.   

Will be looking for you again!   73 Clair, K6LG DM13gw

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