OK1DFC 8m offset DISH ribs

April 2021

October 2020


I have divided the design of the dish into two separate parts. The so-called inner and outer dish. The inner part, with a diameter of 4m, is a separate parabola with eighteen massive supporting ribs. The outer parabola is made up of thirty-six circumferential ribs, which screw to the inner parabola. Unfortunately, the second wave of COVID19 stopped the production of external ribs, slowing the completion of the parabolic mirror. Also, the autumn weather doesn't want much outdoor work anymore. After many years of drought, we have a very rainy autumn. So I have at least modified the design feed for 1296 MHz and I use the 2.6m offset dish for this band as well. I hope to continue building a new dish soon.



Longest parabola rib at 0


3D model showing perfect shape of parabolic mirror. Right picture is look in to the dish with zero elevation, means -18,6 from zero