According to request of high stability of frequency during EME on 1296 MHz I was looking for any solution. Here is what I have done for my systems on 1,2 - 2,3 and 3,4 GHz. DF9LN has described nice solution which I have implicated to my system. First what I had tested is TCXO for my TRV 1296 MHz which I am using for EME JT65c traffic. Stability of that is excellent. I did not have so much try any PLL oscillators what will be better, but I am with this simple solution satisfy enough.





Pict. A) view to heather

Pict. B) view to oscillator PCB. X-tal is bellow of PCB connected with heating plate due to temperature conducting gel.

Pict. C) view to space where is X-tal bottom of PCB

Whole oscillator is included to AL box with non-temperature conducting pillars. TCXO need approximately 20 min. to reach final frequency. Dimension of PCB is 40x45mm and heating AL plate is 10mm thick. Requested QRG for 1296 MHz TRV is 105,66666 MHz. How looks time delay and changing QRG during heating you can see below.

Pict. D) spectrum analyzer diagram of 10 GHz TCXO


Schematic and PCBs

2,3 GHz LO system solution

2,3 GHz system is developed with one heating for two TCXOs on one heating AL plate. Will follow soon after testing.


Comparing bottom and top PCBs with AAA battery cell.

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