CN 2 R


Morocco - 7 bands EME DXpedition

144 MHz - 10 GHz

4th - 11th of October 2017



last update on 13.07.2017


Flag of Morocco


Coat of arms of Morocco


I am very happy to announce, that after long time of preparation and units testing, I am able to organize my first large 7 bands EME DXpedition to Morocco. In cooperation with Václav OK1VVT - 144 MHz operator, and courtesy of Jim W7EJ, I am going to Casablanca - IM63dm in October 2017. We are expecting to be QRV on all ham radio bands from 144 up to 10368 MHz.

any donation for EME DXpedition is welcome via Pay Pal to:


Donation received, thank you for your support.

WA2ODO Pete - send spare preamplifiers, JA4BLC Yoshiro - down converter 226/144 MHz for RXing on 10450 MHz, Eddy ON7UN 180cm dish



QSL policy

QSL will be send direct. You have to send your QSL, 2 USD and envelope with your address !!!. I do not have time to type addresses and answer just only QSL. Expedition, printing QSLs will cost hell money enough. 2 USD can be send via PayPal if you have bad experience with post office. Address where to send your QSL on - OK1DFC



24 - 25th of June 2017 - Test of TRV for 10 368 MHz

EME DUBUS contest 10 GHz part

12th of June 2017 - Test of final version of TRV for 5760 MHz

SP/OK5EME - SP6MLK test - 6cm setup in GAJÓW - JO80EM - 8th-12th Jun 2017

About EME DX expedition


Road Prague - Casablanca - mapy


Band MHz Unit Antenna
144 TS2000 + SSPA 1,5 kW 4x8el. - ATF54143 - 0,3dB N/F
432 IC9100 + SSPA 1,2 kW + GPS locked 3,2m dish V/H pol. - 0,4dB N/F OK1DFC - OE5JFL control
1296 IC9100 + SSPA 1 kW + GPS locked 3,2m dish - 0,2dB N/F HB9BBD - OE5JFL control
2302 - 2304 - 2320 - 2400 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 250 W + GPS locked 3,2m dish - 0,4dB N/F G4DDK - OE5JFL control
3400 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 50 W + GPS locked 1,8m solid dish - 0,7dB N/F - DB6NT - OE5JFL control
5760 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 110 W + GPS locked 1,8m solid dish - 0,9dB N/F DB6NT - OE5JFL control
10368 IC9100 + TRV + SSPA 50 W + GPS locked V-pol 1,8m solid dish - 0,5dB N/F DU3BC - OE5JFL control

Time table - first draft (can be change according local conditions)

Date in October:




1st - 3 rd Trip OK - CN 3685 km
4th Building station - calibration, measuring possible test traffic if all OK
5th - 6th full orbit 144 + 2320 MHz 18:00 - 07:00 UT RX on 2302, 2304, 2320 and 2400 MHz - TX 2304 - 2320 MHz
6th - 7th full orbit 144 + 3400 MHz 19:00 - 08:00 UT  
7th - 8th full orbit ARRL EME 144 - 432 MHz 19:00 - 10:00 UT full Moon pass 432 MHz
8th - 9th full orbit ARRL EME 144 - 1296 MHz 20:00 - 11:00 UT full Moon pass 1296 MHz
9th - 10th full orbit 144 + 10368 - 10450 MHz 21:00 - 12:00 UT RX 10450 MHz courtesy of Yoshiro JA4BLC possible
10th - 11th full orbit 144 + 5760 MHz 22:00 - 13:00 UT  
11th - 13th Wrap up and return home CN - OK 3685 km
Traffic and frequency can to be change according local condition and unexpected problems, check every day HB9Q chat !!!


  • We expect to announce all details or changes on Miles and more, HB9Q, N0UK and here on web.
  • In the main time we will work first all stations by CW, than when CW traffic slow down, we will be switching also to WSJT for all stations interesting to work us in that mode too. We are able to switch between CW and JT according request if not so busy in QSOs.
  • During ARRL EME contest, first Moon pass we will be QRV 432 MHz ! Means that not only from 00:00 UT on Saturday, but from our Moonrise in Friday around 19:00 UT. We expect to have clear horizon for East and West and will work in maximum length of our Moon window. Than we exchange feed for 1296 MHz and will be QRV next Moon pass in contest on 23cm. Sunday we will change feed and TRV and will be QRV on 3cm again full Moon pass, even on lower bands will follow up ARRL contest till 00:00 UT from Moonrise.
  • On 432 MHz we can turn pol V or H !!!
  • Parallel in all those bands we will be QRV 144 MHz CW and JT65. We will be also available on HB9Q Moon chat and N0UK, for possible sked or special requests for tests, exchanging modes etc.
  • 2,3 GHz - With RX band we will cover all existing ham radio frequency on EME and expect to work everybody from Australia, Japan, EU and USA. We will TX only 2320,100 and 2304,100 !!!
  • 10 GHz - courtesy of Yoshiro JA4BLC we will be able to RX on 10450 MHz, on TX thanks to Mirek OK2AQ we will have 52W RF and new very precise 180cm dish thanks to Eddy ON7UN.
  • We prefer QRG xxxx.100 on all bands.
  • On MW bands we will use WSJT .10 and WSJT.X with Doppler shift compensation. Do not forget to put our call sign to the WSJT data base. Check WSJT work condition described by Rene PE1L


Some tips to help us to QSO with you on JT
  • Add us to Call3.txt
  • Please call us when you CAN copy us. No need to have a good decode from us,
  • You will decode us when we call you. Usually you can't decode signals -24 till -31 which are not for you, you see a # indicating we call someone else
  • You don't need stop calling us when we are in QSO with someone else, after a QSO we will call the next station but only if he was TX'ing the period before.
  • Don't hop around QRG, choose a freq to call us and stay there for a while. If you stop TX'ing, listen the next period and then change freq if you want.
  • We will not TX 73, if a QSO is complete by RX'ing 73 from you we call CQ or another station. (QSO is complete if both stations received both calls, a report and one or more R)
  • You need to send 73 after you got our RRR, its good to know for us that we can call the next station.
  • We don't have a special station and we can't make more then 10 qso's a hour, it takes patience to QSO with us.
  • More and more stations are locked at 10 MHz, keep in mind you can end on top off each other at 144 MHz. Use some offset.
  • If you are familiar with the `Lance Procedure` you can call us that way.

(PE1L text)

Some tips to help us to QSO with you on CW
  • PLEASE keep all the time 1 min. periods to avoid interference, we are always first - do not forget we work parallel on 144 MHz and one other higher band with IF 144 MHz
  • If you hear we call other station as is your call, PLEASE stop calling!
  • If you copy I call for example G3???? YYYYY call me in divided groups like GGGGG 33333 LLLLL TTTTT FFFFF to more easy copy your call
  • Please try to call us with little be QRG spread, we have SDR and will see you are up or down of QRM on echo QRG
  • For CW and JT65B and C we will always RX on our own echo.


Moon calendar

Courtesy of EA3HMJ


Thursday - 5th October 2017

Friday - 6th October 2017

Saturday - 7th October 2017

Sunday - 8th October 2017

Monday - 9th October 2017

Tuesday - 10th October 2017


Wednesday - 11th October 2017


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