Smallest station worked JT65B EME

IT9CJC Macello


Hi Zdenek

Many thanks for FB EME QSO,  really great ears.

Very simple setup here:
IC706MKIIG, 30W at feed, 6 meters 1/4 inch coax, 13 EL DK7ZB on the balcony. No LNA and a lot of patience !

I have a better setup for 2m, 4X10 H on a 20 meters tower, 1.5KW, but the challenge and the pleasure of a QRP QSO has no comparison with any easy QRO QSO. I worked 47 init with powers ranging from 25W to 100W and a single 7 EL Yagi. Worked also in CW random IK3MAC and RN6BN with the same setup.
Best QSO QRP was DK3EE, 25W and 5 EL on a chair.....

Ciao, thanks, see you soon on 70cm EME. I have other 3 Yagi ready to complete the 4X13 and a solid state KW amplifier.

Ciao, thanks for all, Marcello

Info received from Marcello after QSO
Print screen made by Marcello
I had Marcello´s signal -27dB