AW weekend August 2016

I was QRV with my portable setup just only during Saturday AW 6cm EME window. I have to say, that activity were great and also my small portable unit works good. I was able to work 8 CW QSOs and 6JT QSOs. Looks that during next pedition I will be able to work many of you very easy. I have worked: OK1KIR, JA1WQF, JA4BLC, UN6PD, UA3TCF, SM6CKU, G3LTF, SQ6OPG, OZ1LPR, UA3PTW and G4NNS.
Heard HB9Q but did not work due to low elevation and Moon behind house. Saw PA3DZL -14dB strong enough, but PC did not decode. Sorry nobody from NA on the band till my Moonset. Thank you to all for nice QSO and looking forward to work many other in next future.



New 5760 MHz TRV with PLL GPS locked LO in feed point of 180cm dish



New system of installation feed part, easy to mount dish as "one man show"



JT4F QSO with JA1WQF nice signal easy speaker copy



OK1KIR on JT4F, worked also easy 559/549 on CW



OK1KIR on watterfall - spread around 40 Hz - see graph bellow



Moon conditions - courtesy EA3HMJ