OK1DFC 8m offset - assembly

The whole dish is covered with 5x5mm wire mesh, wire thickness 0,6mm. The material is stainless steel so I hope it will last much longer than the galvanized mesh of the PF 10m dish.
Finally, after 14 days, they delivered the promised material. The outer wall for the installation of the extension arms has been completed. The weather is not very good now for the next installation. I hope the material for the extension arms will no longer be in such delay.
The mesh installation is completed and the whole central part is finished. The next step is to install the center section on the elevation arm and begin mounting the arms to expand to the maximum dish size.
Today I finished completely the mechanical part of the central dish with a diameter of 4m. Tomorrow I'll start coating the arms with 5x5mm anticoro mesh
Today I finished all the ribs of the central offset parabolic dish of 4m diameter. Now I have to connect the arms and cover them with mesh. The extension of the arms will follow after the dish is mounted on the elevation mast.
Ribs of the central 4m parabolic dish installed in the central hub
Fabrication of longest rib and assembly of the centre dish arms has begun.
Design of offset mirror