OK1DFC 8m offset - HUB

I test fitted the discs to the HUB and made the final finishing touches to all the welds. I have taken the HUB for hot dip galvanizing and next week the installation of the ribs and assembly of the 4m diameter inner dish can begin.
The production of the centre discs on the laser has been secured. After the COVID pandemic, all materials are much more expensive and so there has been a change in the production of the dish ribs. So the discs are finished and I have already cut the threads and fitted the screws for the ribs in the bottom plate. The top plate is also ready and the fabrication of the dish ribs can begin.
Central HUB pipe 116mm diameter
Central HUB of dish is welded and ready, just need hot zinc surface protection and follow with ribs
Build of central HUB