EME three bands TRV 144 - 432 - 1296 MHz



Front panel


In case of preparing new EME DX peditions, I was building TRV for all 3 bands 144 - 432 - 1296 MHz as a compact solution. Maybe you remember TRV which I have already build for 13cm which works well. Main point was do not have thousands cables for connecting between TRV-TRX-SDR, Sequencer etc. etc. Solution of TRV you can see here. Front panel panel above or below on small pictures details which are there. New TRV including power supply 13,8 and 24V DC, Sequencer, TRV Down East Microwave for 144 - 432 - 1296 MHz - Hybrid SSPAs 30W RF 144 - 432 -1296 MHz on heat-sink with blower. Switching between all bands permit to use TRV RX - TX separately on all three bands as a cross-band traffic. All TCXOs are tempered for high stability during JT traffic.
IC7700+23cm TRV 23cm TRV IMD IP+3dB in 1296 MHz
Box of TRV, Switching Power supply 13,8V/20A DC, heat sink with blower and on right side also visible 24V DC PCB with transformer.
Sequencer Switch RX/TX and 144 - 432 -1296 to TRV 28 MHz IF Stacked TRVs - 144 top
Second floor 1296 MHz last floor 432 MHz Stacked system can be easy open step by step for possible repair or maintenance service
Other view on TRV' s TRV' s in the box Detail
SSPAs detail & PS Final wired Detail of final wired
Wiring of 28 MHz IF switching between bands
Final wired TRV TRV test with IC7700
TRV completed and tested

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