EME - DX pedition to URUGUAY

432-1296-2320 MHz


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Hi gang,

just to let you know that everything is settled now for this year's EME DXpedition. Monika & myself will be operating from the 1st of May to the 12th of May from Uruguay using the callsign DL1YMK/CX, as licensed by the Uruguayan telecom authority URSEC. We have been struggling for nearly a year to get a fully legal high power permit for operating from CX on 70 cm, 23 cm and 13 cm moon bounce. As to our knowledge, CX has never been on the moon on these bands so far.

The DXpedition only became feasible by the extremely constructive and effective help of two local hams, which is even more appreciated by us knowing the 'normal' power limit to be 50W on UHF & up. To make things even more complicated, on 13cm there is no regular ham radio frequency allocation in CX to be congruent with IARU-regions 1 & 2, but by courtesy of URSEC we got a unique permit to transmit on 2320 and on 2304 MHz. Unfortunately, URSEC refused a 9 cm operation because of mobile communication service, though. Our stay time wise covers the European WW EME-contest (10th/11th of May), as well as an ATP on 70 cm (4th of May), so we will try to be on those bands in time, conditions permitting, of course.....so keep your fingers crossed.

For those interested a sked list will be handled again by Joe, K1RQG, as he kindly did for us in previous year's DXpeditions. I will provide a time frame to Joe within next week, indicating the planned slots of activation for each band. Please keep in mind that CX-land is at 30 degr South, so Mother Nature will confine our moon window to a certain extent (which is good for our touristic activities, hi).

Hope that everything proceeds smoothly (still some problems to master with rig airlift...), so we can work many of you from CX.

73/88 de Monika & Michael

Hi gang, 

these are the preliminary operation activities planned during our CX-DXpedition. Please keep in mind that our moon window is confined due to Southern latitude - and weather permitting...      


DX pedition time table:

date: Band:


30.04.2008 1296 MHz ev. qrv 23 cm, not sure


1296 MHz

6.30-10.00 random

10.00-16.60 skeds


432 MHz

7.30-11.00 random

11.00-17.30 skeds


2320 MHz

9.00-17.30 skeds


432 MHz

10-30-12.00 skeds

12.00-14.00 activity day

14.00-19.00 skeds


1296 MHz

11.00-20.00 skeds


1296 MHz

12.30-21.00 skeds, if needed

9.5. 2320 MHz 16.00-0.30 skeds
10.-11.05.2008 1296 MHz Dubus Contest


Hope to work many of you from CX. For skeds please write to K1RQG.

Vy 73, Michael

4th of April 2008

The following schedules are completed for DL1YMK/CX. Please note that the transmit frequency will be 1296.045, 2320.100 & 432.045 MHz. Michael will listen on 2304.100 for NA stations. He will call CQ when the frequency is clear of schedules. PLEASE RESPECT THE SCHEDULES! I had to move SM5LE from May 6 to May 5 as Monika and Michael will be doing some touring on May 6/7/8. You will note that some schedules are at 15 minute intervals and still 2.5 min sequencing. Depending on signal quality, Michael may break into faster sequencing. There are 52 schedules listed so far, and I will do my best to accommodate more requests. Remember the 70 cm ATP May 4 1200z-1400z and DUBUS-REF 23 cm contest May 10/11.   Good luck to all and have fun. Thanks again to Michael & Monika for making this huge commitment to the 432 & above EME community.   73 de Joe K1RQG
List of last update 14.05.2008

Skeds for APR 30

Time   1296.045      
1720z  DL1YMK-JA8ERE 
1740z  DL1YMK-JR4ZZS 

Skeds for MAY  1

Skeds for MAY  2

Skeds for MAY  3

Time   1296.045      

1000z  DL1YMK-OZ4MM  
1015z  DL1YMK-SP7DCS 
1030z  DL1YMK-PA3CSG 
1045z  DL1YMK-SV1BTR 
1100z  DL1YMK-HB9Q   
1115z  DL1YMK-DL4MEA 
1130z  DL1YMK-LA9NEA 
1145z  DL1YMK-OK1KIR 
1200z  DL1YMK-WW2R   
1215z  DL1YMK-N2UO   
1230z  DL1YMK-K2UYH  
1300z  DL1YMK-W5LUA  
1400z  DL1YMK-WA6PY  

1700z  DL1YMK-VK & J 

Time   432.045       

1100z  DL1YMK-OZ4MM  
1130z  DL1YMK-PA3CSG 
1200z  DL1YMK-SM4IVE 
1230z  DL1YMK-DK3WG  
1300z  DL1YMK-LX1DB  
1330z  DL1YMK-OK1CA  
1430z  DL1YMK-K2UYH  
1500z  DL1YMK-WA6PY

1530z  DL1YMK-VE6TA 

1815z  DL1YMK-VK & J 

Time                  2320.100      
0830z                 DL1YMK-LX1DB   BEACON
0930z                 DL1YMK-OZ4MM  
1000z                 DL1YMK-LA8LF  
1030z                 DL1YMK-PA3CSG 
1100z                 DL1YMK-HB9Q   
1130z                 DL1YMK-DL4MEA 
1200z                 DL1YMK-OK1CA  
1230z                 DL1YMK-SM2CEW 
1300z                 DL1YMK-WW2R   
1330z                 DL1YMK-OK1KIR 
1400z                 DL1YMK-W5LUA  
1430z                 DL1YMK-RANDOM 
1530z                 DL1YMK-VE6TA  
1600z                 DL1YMK-WA6PY  
1630z                 DL1YMK-WD5AGO 

Time   1296.045 

1900z  DL1YMK-JA     

Skeds for MAY  4

Skeds for MAY  5

Skeds for MAY  9

Time   432.045       
1000z  DL1YMK-DL7APV 
1030z  DL1YMK-G3LTF  
1045z  DL1YMK-I1NDP  
1100z  DL1YMK-WW2R   
1130z  DL1YMK-G4RGK  
1145z  DL1YMK-SD3F   
1200z  DL1YMK-ATP    
1400z  DL1YMK-SM2CEW 
1415z  DL1YMK-OK1KIR 
1430z  DL1YMK-DL5FN  
1500z  DL1YMK-WA6PY  
1945z  DL1YMK-JA     

Time   1296.045      

1200z  DL1YMK-SM2CEW 
1230z  DL1YMK-G4DZU  
1300z  DL1YMK-DJ9YW  
1330z  DL1YMK-G3LTF  
1400z  DL1YMK-G4RGK  
1430z  DL1YMK-PA3FXB 
1500z  DL1YMK-SM5LE  
1530z  DL1YMK-SD3F   
1700z  DL1YMK-K5PJR  

Time   2320.100      
1600z  DL1YMK-LA8LF  
1630z  DL1YMK-G3LTF

1700z  DL1YMK-G4DZU

1730z  DL1YMK-SD3F


Skeds for MAY 12

Time                  1296.045      
1945z                 DL1YMK-PA3FXB  JT65C
2000z                 DL1YMK-DJ9YW   JT65C
2015z                 DL1YMK-SM5LE   JT65C

2030z                 DL1YMK-RD3DA   JT65C


Time   432.045

2330z DL1YMK-WW2R    JT65B


All is progressing well so far. Equipment is still in Uruguay customs still. Michael has been checking on the weather and the wind speeds  may be an issue. will be leaving on Saturday morning. all should be  set for the trip.


Hi gang, breaking news: just got the info from our haulier Schenker that their Uruguayan crew (our sincere thanks to Mrs. Renee Corrales, Mrs. Claudia Rodriguez and Mr. Daniel Taroco, and of course Kerstin Breßler in Old Germany for not giving up on our matter) together with Richard, CX2AQ, finally convinced the Uruguayan customs to release the containers with our rig after a 10 days serious struggle. They quoted the material was urgently needed for scientific propagation studies - how true this is... Again this once more points out how demanding those moon bounce endeavors are for all people involved!   As the rig is available right now, Richard, CX2AQ, will give it a lift with his pick-up to our location, the (antenna) farm of our friend Pedro, CX5BW, it is very likely that we will be on 1296.045MHz already on 30.04.2008. Our moon window opens around 05.30UT. The URSEC agreed to start earlier than originally licensed, they are really cooperative, those guys. Pedro, as a communication professional, experimented the last few days with WLAN in his alternative QTH, so it might be possible to drop emails to 'dl1ymk at aol.com' Not quite sure yet, but we will communicate, if we have any kind of web access.   Keep your fingers crossed, seriously needed (in CX there sometimes are high wind in the plains, hi, and we are going towards fall there....but keep cool, Monika is used now to clinging onto rocking dishes)  

 73/88 de M & M


Hi all, the eagle has landed again. Moon window will not be perfect and condition are some kind of challenge...but as ever we will try to cope with that. Alu boxes are on site, some heavily damaged, did not check all contents yet. Will start to mount dish later in the day, also a challenge. Sometimes we have VERY slow wireless web access, most of the time nothing at all. Have new cell-phone also for security reasons, as ours doesn't work in CX. We keep you informed on further progress, if any...    

73/88 de M & M


First full day of the CX-pedition is over, time has come to do a summary. On 30 th of .April we managed to put the meshes into the dish, because the high winds from the Pampa in Argentina had calmed down. Because we needed daylight we began just after sunrise. When we were ready - 3 hours later, hi – the moon window to Europe was already closed, so we couldn't test, but we heard our own echoes. We spent some time to optimize the position of the feed in the dish and announced in the EU-moon-reflector that we are qrv and need desperately some US boys to test. We were really happy to hear W5LUA as first contact from DL1YMK/CX. Than strong signals from K5JL/W5ORH and K5SO showed us, that the station works fine. Thanks a lot to K1RQG who activated the first stations via short wave!   Later, after a hard struggle because of an Eucalyptus tree (and CX5BW’s huge HF towers, hi) we worked VK3UM. We had to learn that the window to the East is poor because of this special tree, hi. They should have imported German beer to CX rather than VK-eucalyptus!!!! Therefore we haven’t heard anything from the JA-boys, but hopefully the moon position improves next days. The rest of the day we spent with trials to improve our own situation, that means how to get warmer? (2 sweaters are ok, but 2 trousers??). We were frozen all over with temperatures of 11 degrees C -  in the sleeping room, hi. In Uruguay, it never becomes really cold (this definitely is a fairy tale…), so the houses cannot really be heated, only by an open fire place. So we learned how to maintain the fire without dieing from suffocation – and this was Monika's duty today: she continuously fed the fire to get somewhat warmer during the operation.  For nighttime we got electrical heated plates from CX5BW, thanks a lot!   We arose at 2.30 local time, it was really hard, I can tell you! The moon was just over the horizon as we tried  to hear our “beacon” HB9BBD. We heard Dominique immediately with a smashing 579 and got 569- not too bad that… We improved the dish position with our further beacons  OK1DFC and LX1DB  - a huge thanks to all, who helped us blinds once again ‘hearing’ the moon. The next minutes I tried to separate single signals in the pile up over the moon – a smashing experience on our CX-pedition! The next hours we first worked EU- than the US-stations random or sked-wise. A very special experience was the second call of Willi, LX1DB in SSB with a 57 signal, while we got 55. It was a nice talk over the moon, really clear and armchair copy.   We worked today (in this row): HB9BBD, OK1DFC, F2TU, LX1DB, HB9Q, G4CCH, OZ4MM, DL4MEA, OK1CA, LA9NEA, SM4DHN, SM2CEW, G3LTF, PA3CSG, DF3RU, IK3COJ, DJ9YW, SV1BTR, SM3AKW, ES6RQ, OK1KIR, LX1DB (SSB), ES5PC, W7BBM, K9SLQ, WW2R, WA6PY, N2NQI, some of them twice (random and sked time, hi). In total we worked until now 33 initials in 15 countries (US as one country), many of them countries first, during 39 qso´s.   Among our skeds we only missed SP7DCS, sorry, nothing heard. We owe a very special “thank you” to K1RQG who once again arranged the skeds!!   The Uruguayan ham’s are extremely friendly and helpful, we got a warm welcome from Pedro, CX5BW (we are living in his holiday home, where he has his huge antenna farm and his shack) and Richard, CX2AQ (without his very special help we would have never gotten the high power license!!). And we already met the president of the Radio Club Uruguayo, CX1AA, Alfredo at their club station. See u 2morrow on 70 cm!

73/88 Monika & Michael


Hi gang,
due to numerous birdies on 432 MHz we had to move 2 kHz down to 432.043 MHz. Birdies are produced by nearby TV repeater, so no way to stay on 432.045 or we would have made NO QSO today as a consequence. So we will RX on 432.043, adjusting TX for Doppler, from now on. This is especially true for May 4th. Despite heavy polarization problems (could hear US only vertical i.e.), we made 14 QSOs, mostly random. Of course very sorry for those skeds, which failed. If there is interest still to work us, we are available on May 4th from 1030ut - 1100ut, because we made it random today with G3LTF and I1NDP - this is also true for ATP. Hopefully we produced a smile on the face at DL9KR, OK1DFC, HB9Q, DF3RU, OZ4MM, SM2CEW, UA3PTW, PA3CSG, I1NDP, DL7APV, G3LTF, K1RQG, K1FO and K2UYH.
Please note once again: no matter where you are and what sked slots you have: please you start the first sequence. Reason is simple: we just have to adjust a wobbling bunch of alu (MUD) on the moon in 1st sequence, hi!  The 70cm Qso´s are much more demanding than anything else out here in the middle of nowhere, with dozens of flies around your head, producing even more QRM, oh boy, oh boy. At least, I was grilled from the rear 2day (sitting in front of open fireplace - to get the temperatures higher than 10°C inside the house), but fingers remained clumsy...
Hang on boys, so do we, we've got no choice...
73/88 de M & M

Visit of Richard, CX2AQ Dish at sunrise pointing to the moon
Typical work: feeding the fire Big dish in front of a little house

Hello Lunatics,

today we managed for the second time after Iceland a 3-band EME-DXpedition. Our 13 cm activity now makes it possible, to get the WAC on 13 cm EME, because it is the first time that South America – as far as we know – has appeared on the moon on 13 cm. This was feasible only because of the tremendous efforts of CX2AQ and his good relationship to the URSEC (local license means 2390 MHz and 10W, which doesn't bring EME really forward..). Congrats to Willi, LX1DB, for the first WAC on 13cm!. Like in TF, he gave us a beacon to focus on the moon with the wobbling something of a dish (but doesn't weigh much). After Willi we worked, mostly before sked slots, during heavy rain in the following line: F2TU, OZ4MM, HB9SV, G3LTF, OK1KIR, DL4MEA, OK1CA, PA3CSG, ES5PC, IW2FZR, HB9Q (sri for letting you wait, were looking for you on 2320, shame on us), WW2R, W5LUA, G3LTF (dupe, thanks for giving an audible moon, Peter).   We didn’t copy SM2CEW (Peter was repairing station), LA8LF and VE6TA. Just after digging out WA6PY we had to close down because of high winds again. Monika tried to keep the dish on the moon for a while, but no way, vy sri! It's too early to risk the dish, as done in TF. Paul, hopefully will catch you on 9th. After yesterday’s update we managed to work Doug, VK3UM, with the setting moon on 70cm on the western pass (like TF) – probably our hardest piece of work so far…Unfortunately nil again from Japan, most likely because of that VK-import to our West. Tomorrow we will show up again on 70 cm, hope to work those of you we missed so far. On May 9th we will be back on 13cm, please let us know, if there are further sked requests. Don't let us down on Monday May 5th, when we will be back on 23cm. Still many well-known calls missing.    

73 / 88 de M & M

CX5BW is listening to QSO 70 cm station with the new BEKO-PA (1kW out)
The dish (with 70 cm feed) pointing to the eucalyptus tree Michael with the 13 cm station
Monika clinging on to the rocking dish during high winds  - and sunshine The power gang: CX5BW, DL1YMK, CX7AT

Hi lunatics, yesterday we completed with a second day the CX-activity on 70 cm. In total we worked 22 initials in 15 countries and made 27 qso´s. 70 cm was a hard struggle comparing to 23 and 13 cm due to a strange polarization shift in these southern latitudes, hi. We worked on May 4 th: DL9KR, F2TU, RW3PX, DK3WG, G4RGK, SD3F, G3LTF, OZ4MM, K0RZ, LX1DB, K1RQG, some of them for a second time after May 2nd. Only from DL9KR and K1RQG we got  good 559 reports, we heard Jan even with a fantastic 579 signal! Mainly we changed o/ro. Sorry for those we missed, we sometimes heard the call or the reports, but didn't get it completed, it was sometimes borderline. So please: If I send an “?Y”, only send your call, not mine. I do know my call!!  Comparing to our TF activity we had improved our output because we bought a new  BEKO PA with 1 kW out. We got it only a few days before the lift off of the boxes to CX.  The PA worked very stable, doesn't heathen any what, so a  compliment to Bernhard Korte for his new development! We also improved the number of initials on 70 cm comparing to the DX peditions to Iceland and Madeira. We still have a request for 70 cm activity from here, so we thought whether we will be back once more on 70 cm on Monday, May 12 th before the JT-skeds on 23 cm (19.45 UTC) and after them (there is already a JT sked on 70 cm). So please send us, if there is still interest in doing so! The moon is available for us from 17.30 UTC until 04.00 next day. The JT is especially for those who failed in the skeds in CW to give them a 2nd chance to work us, but also for other weak stations. The time slots of PA3FXB and SM5LE became free, because they worked us in CW on May 5 th! Congrats to both, they did an excellent job with small stations! So skeds are still available.

 Vy M&M


Yesterday we had the smashing experience of 3 random SSB QSO´s on 23 cm: LX1DB (57/55), K1RQG (57/56) and K5SO (56/53). All 3 had fantastic signals over the moon, it was nearly unbelievable to make SSB qso`s from a portable DXpedition station. So we talked a while off the rock, hi, including Monika's greetings to our friend Joe K1RQG!!!. Thank you very much for this experience! We worked furthermore in CW: SV3AAF (congrats to your 3 rd qso ever!), G4DZU, G4RGK, PA3FXB, SM5LE, ON7UN, K1RQG, K5SO, SP6JLW, W2DRZ, NY2Z, and K2UYH.
We missed DL2HWA and DL1HYZ, although we could hear our own echoes underneath their 549-signal, but obviously they had nil cpy from us. Boys, try again in contest, if you have a copy on us.In this context: pse adjust your CW-speed to the libration conditions! For the first time we heard JA8ERE with O report, but could not complete. Meanwhile we made skeds for 12 th May on 70 cm, as there was still much interest:
  1700       DL4MEA 1730       SM4IVE 1800       SV3AAF 1830       OK1KIR 1900       FR5DN 2000       G4YTL 2330       WW2R  JT   In between there are still skeds for 23cm in doodle-mode, so we have to be quick…Joe: pse check. Now 3 days off for sightseeing…at least a little bit… 


Hi lunatics,
After three days of sightseeing with fantastic impressions from Uruguay (lots of cacti for Monika) we are back for the DUBUS contest on 23 cm this weekend. Today we worked on 2320.100 until now only 3 new stations: OE9ERC, OK1DFC and WA6PY. Some skeds failed, obviously due to a strong libration fading which cuts the signals in bits and pieces. Despite the fact that the window to US and also to EU is wide open, no more activity right now, but we are hearing our own echoes for the first time on 13 cm! 
For May 12th we made a newe skedlist!!! 

May 12th Sked-list, Update May 9 th Pse notice: we will change the feed twice, from 70 cm to 23 cm and back to 70 cm in the hope to follow the sked requests as much as possible! We had to shift the skeds with SM4IVE and DL4MEA, because we need to begin with a strong station!




17.30   OE9ERC

17.45   SM4IVE ?? (or 22.30-23.00)

18.00   SV3AAF

18.30    OK1KIR

19.00   FR5DN

19.30    G4YTL


20.30   RD3AD    JT65C

21.00   PA3DZL  JT65C


22.00   DL4MEA

22.30    SM4IVE (if 17.45 failes)

23.00   Random

23.30   WW2R     JT 65B

00.00   VE6TA

00.30   Random


originally we would have finished the 13 cm operation today, but we were asked for another activity period, as this probably is the ultimate last chance to work South America on 2.3 GHz for quite some time, hi. So we decided to change the system at the end of DUBUS contest on Sunday 11th, to be on 13cm again from 2100UT onwards.
Further sked request please send direct to: dl1ymk at aol.com

Vy 73, Monika and Michael


As latest chance for all  on 13 cm we made a skedlist for May 11th. This reduce our moon window for the contest, so we only have 2,5 hours for Sunday on 23 cm, because the moon is visible for us from 17.00 UTC (last chance to work CX on 23 cm random, besides today!). From 19.30 UTC we have 2 skeds on 23 cm (SP6DCS and G4DDK/JT 65C), than we change the feed for 13 cm with the following skeds:

2100    SD3F
2130    PA0BAT
2200    G4CCH
2230    Random
2300    WD5AGO
2330    VE6TA
0000    Random 

For all skeds: you call first, 2,5 min sequences

See you on the moon! 
Monika & Michael


Hi lunatics,

the DUBUS contest was a great deal of fun for us, the activity from our perspective was excellent. During the contest we made 37 contacts, 13 of these being new initials: OZ6OL, PA0SSB, HB9SV, SM3LBN, IZ1BPN, OH2DG, OE9ERC, VE6TA, F5HRY, PA0BAT, NY2Z, PI9CAM, SD3F (same as SM3AKW, no new#), IK2MMB. Furthermore we made our first JT65 QSO on 23cm with Sam, G4DDK. Yesterday evening we changed for the ultimately last time to 13 cm and managed to work 6 new initials: SD3F, PA0BAT, G4CCH (Howard: with that particular feed horn??? just curious..), OH2DG, WD5AGO and VE6TA. We optimized the position of the feed horn before starting and were able to hear our own echoes quite well, giving Monika a rest from running permanently outside for checking the visual moon position. This has put us in the position to work also those stations, with which we were not successful during previous trials. A big thanks goes to all fine stations to hanging on to us! Also we are very much obliged to Peter, G3LTF, he served as our beacon so many times – and is the king of number of QSO’s with us, hi! Here the summary of 13cm contacts of 3 days activity: we made 27 QSO’s with 23 initials to 15 different countries, all of these definitely being country firsts, because our operation on 13 cm was the first ever from South America, providing the WAC to numerous stations on 2.3GHz. In total we made 90 QSO’s on 23 cm including 56 initials in 19 different countries. 4 of those contacts were sideband, the rest king of modes. Additionally to a JT-contact with Sam, G4DDK, yesterday, we will try for some more digital contacts today, absolutely not being skilled with that mode, but trying hard to make a few more happy with rare CX. On 70 cm we made 27 QSO’s so far, with 22 initials in 15 different countries in only 2 days of limited windows way down South. This is a significant improvement to our previous Dxpeditions, due to more interest and improved RF power output, provided by the new BeKo-HPA. This night we will try to increase standings on 70 cm for the last time, before dismantling the station tomorrow.
73 / 88 de M & M

Location at GF15WJ

DL1YMK with our host Pedro, CX5BW and dog Geraldine Uruguayan ham's on a visit to DL1YMK/CX during contest
CX-ham's listening to EME signals Monika drinking Maté from typical thermo-cup, with Estela, CX2CT
Last update from CX
End of CXpedition!
 On the last day we changed twice the feed (helps slimming…), starting with 70 cm. We worked OE9ERC and G4YTL. Later in the evening after having changed back from 23 cm JT experiments, our last QSO was with Grant, VE6TA, pushing our scores on that band to 30 QSO’s, 25 initials in 17 countries. VE6TA was also the last to switch off the light on 13 cm yesterday. On 23 cm we completed 5 JT65C contacts today with RD3DA, UT5JCW (random), PA3DZL, G4DZU (random) and OH3MCK (random). We saw other stations calling, while still in progress with our takers. This sacrificed the sked with VE7BBG, who was unfortunately burried under other stations, although we were specifically calling him – very sorry for that. In total we made 143 CW-QSO’s, 4 SSB-QSO’s and 6 JT-contacts, which includes 104 initials in CW and 6 in JT. Compared to 79 initials during last year’s TF-DXpedition (94 total QSO's), we were able to improve our score another time.
 Thanks to all, who were looking for us off the rock, sorry for those we missed. It was once again a splendid experience for us, even more as we made new friends in Uruguay and got a lot of support from local hams. Hopefully we were successful in infecting a few of them with the contagious virus of moonbouncing.
Uruguay is a very interesting place to visit, ideal for EME, as it is flat like a pancake, but sometimes gum trees are a bit obsolete….Monika even discovered an area with a large quantity of Notocactus and Cereus (thanks heaven...) The locallly produced wine is excellent, especially the Tannat is well-suited to make you survive the night, even in a bedroom with only 11°C….
 See you from another rare location???

73 / 88 de M & M


M&M thank you very much fro your GREAT effort !!!!

W.W. EME gang !!!

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