47 GHz EME activity

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47 GHz - setup


TRV v1.0 IC9100 GPS locked - DB6NT - TRV 70mW RF

SSPA driver 1W

 VLNA - building process

 from 02/2020


RX performance of home QTH system with 2,4m offset dish

SN/CS = _     MN/CS = _    GN/CS = _



Feeds for 47 GHz in 2,4m offset dish

Complicated process of producing feed horn W2IMU for F/D 0,7 Right now scaled W2IMU feed and working on two of them.


RX/TX switch

will publish here all details soon. Wave guide made by Pasternak MW cost 10.000 $USD and have almost 0,5dB ATT. I have 200 $USD solution and 0dB ATT.


Building home MW offset dish 2,4m for 10 - 24 - 47 GHz

Right now I am working on change of controlling system. Existing 12bit OE5JFL will be replaced in beginning of March with F1EHN 16bit system. US digital sensors for read out and accuracy 0,01° Extension to slow speed control of azimuth and elevation gears. Even on 24 GHz was resolution 0,1°not enough and Moon noise vary 0,3dB between positions.


PDF presentation of tracking gears


List of active stations 47 GHz courtesy of PA0EHG





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