LNA with ATF 54143

[Click to enlarge image] On the left picture you can see both versions of LNA 432 and 1296 MHz

This is graph of IP. I got the picture from Franta OK1CA. He has very nice double ton high level signal generator AGILENT E4432B and HP 8093E noise measurement equipment.

Parameters on 1296 MHz: Pin -22dBm, Pout -5dBm, IMD3 -62dBm, Gain 17dB, +/-10kHz

IP3in +9dBm

[Click to enlarge image] This is 432 MHz LNA. N/F 0,32dB and gain 20dB. Input IP +8dBm. I have tested this LNA also during last UHF - SHF EU contest with excellent result. PCB is done from FR4 PCB material with soldering holes for both versions. [Click to enlarge image] This is version for 1296 MHz. N/F 0,4dB gain 17dB and input IP +9dBm !!! Also this type of LNA I have tested during EU SHF contest 2006 with excellent result. Specially high IP in combination with inter-digital filter bring lot of advantages in the battle with interference.

Schematic diagram of LNA 432 MHz. Very important part of that is ATC capacitor 47pF on the input !!!

Schematic diagram of LNA 1296 MHz. Very important part of that is ATC capacitor 5,6pF on the input !!!