Wind storm Kirill in JN79GW


During the night from 18th to 19th of January 2007 were EU hit by wind storm Kirill. I did not do nothing for increasing of protection in anchoring and result of that you can see here. Dish is slightly damaged. One rib is necessary partly change and two repair little bit. Much worse looks situation with the gears. Elevation gear is totally damaged. Azimuth gear broken. For repair I have order much better system for elevation and developed new system for azimuth rotation. All details I will public on web site 10m dish project soon.


I have damaged also defense around the house. Storm was peeking here at 02:00 UTC and maximum wind speed was 146km/h in gust. How strong is the wind you can see on left. Click on picture to see higher resolution of that damage if you want.
I have also slightly damaged technological house with powering and controlling dish. This is position as I found dish morning at 08:00. Anchoring system was broken, after that damaged elevation gear and dish hit to the mast
With the damaged elevation gear was dish going down to position -15°el.


Middle rib hit to the mast and has broken one tube, three others are bend and will be necessary to change them.


Here you can see whole situation


Detail of broken rib.


Here you can see how is damaged azimuth gear. Worm of gear is out and also bearings are out of gear box. This is map of actual situation from DL weather web site.

So in summary I am temporary out of traffic and QRT. Hope that all will be going fast and weather permit continuous with reparation. You can see that because hub and ribs are developed relatively well, other surface of the dish is not so heavy damaged and will be possible to easy repair. Main issue is new azimuth rotor and new elevation gear, which is now calculated for 3 ton in vertical load.

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