OK1DFC 10m DISH project

Year 2002

Moonset in my new QTH September 2002

Click for detail
Moonset in my QTH Detail of Moonset 25x

Build-up a new QTH in JN79FW in 2002 


First groundwork for the mast 2002


 Year 2003

January 2003

first part of mast installed

8m3 of the betony under mast.

In the year 2003 during summer and autumn was erected mast for dish, installed technological box for controlling system and electricity, installed 2x7/8" coaxial cable under ground, pipe for other wiring.

April 2003

Finish the mast 6m high

6m high steal mast, home brew, designed according High Voltages system. Possible load in the peek - 4 tons in static force.

July 2003

First rib for the dish

 Year 2004

Busy year. Installed all cables, Box for technologies and finish all about the mast and theoretical parts of project. Finish documentation for all Hard Ware parts. MOST IMPORTANT !!! Collecting money for investment.

 Year 2005

January 2005

AL material was bought in one SUPER company. They cutting material to exact lengths and transported to my home. This company has complete list of types with all tubes, square tubes and so many other. All material for ribs is here and other 3PCs of ribs are here , now I can continuous much faster and hope to be QRV in Summer this year again.

March 2005

SIETE-B s.r.o.

Other big problem was mesh. After long time has been find company in Slovak Republic which can producing mesh according my needs. My issue was minimum 1350mm breadth. This company producing breadth up to 1500mm without problem. Result of this advantage is, that all fields on the dish are covering continuously. Main parameter of mesh 12,5x12,5mm, wire 1mm and breadth 1500mm for cutting to 24 PCs of triangles.

Dish pre-assembling



For completing of ribs, has been used more than 8500 PCs of rivets and 1024 connecting Al plates. Company which sale those very high quality rivets in resonable price is linked by name on the left.

April 2005

 Central part of the dish


As a other main part I have finished center for ribs. All is ready for ribs installation, only weather was not so fine, snowing and freezing. I must to wait now for spring. Here is couple pictures how is the center looking. Mounting plates are here  and here , connections parts are here and assembling of center is here, here, here and here . Whole center before painting is here and here. Hope to permit weather continuous soon.

May 2005

Dish outrigger


For elevation I have choice Satellite actuator "SUPERJACK" 38", this system is able pick up weight around 1500kg easy.

Dish assembling


Inside rings


Turn and gear-box of main axis


Jun 2005

Covering by mesh


For wind load calculation I have done Excel spread sheet.

Final assembling


July 2005

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In the July was mirror finish and ready to install on the mast. By the crane with 25m long arm was dish put to the bearing and installed.

Weight of mirror is 460kg, other 400 kg are balancing weights on opposite site

August 2005

Controlling system F1EHN


Feed for 1296 MHz


First shoot - 19. - 20.th Aug. 2005


Focusing of dish


September 2005

System working well. First regular traffic with the dish. Preparing system for first heavy EME traffic in ARRL EME contest.

December 2005

Windstorm 126km/h in my QTH, dish has slightly damaged  anchoring system. New issue for the spring, make a new anchoring system. Will be publishing here too.

 Year 2006

January 2006

First winter, froze around -20C, all systems work normally. With the frozen snow dish looks like solid dish.

Aerial photograph

This is Aerial photograph of my QTH, click on picture to show detail. Picture can be around 2 years old and in the fact does not including original dish. Maybe in next future.

August 2006

After long time I have installed new "last mile" coaxial cable from technological box under mast, to the feed point. Courtesy of my company CommScope Inc. I got samples for possible testing of those cables. More details you can see in the gallery. Immediately after installation of those cables I have increased my signal around 3dB!!! Sound samples I will bring soon.

 Year 2007

January 2007

  • Wind storm Kirill in JN79GW. Dish is slightly damaged. I am now temporary QRT. I got many nice e-mails with your support. Thanks very much.
  • If you are looking for documentation how to produce the dish rib, here you can find pdf format with that. Courtesy of my son Zdenek Junior you can down load that. He will continuous soon with more parts. First of them will be hub.

February 2007

  • Elevation gear I have choice here: TMP 45  this gear including three phase engine 0,37kW and has load 3 ton in vertical. Total length of screw is 1000 mm.
  • Engine for main azimuth gear I have choice here 1LA7 0,5kW. Total time for move from 90 to 0 is 20minutes. This is very good timing and very soft moving of dish mirror. If will be possible, can be easy install frequency changer for speed controlling and set up much softer move in elevation and azimuth too.
  • Bearings for main trapeze screw I have choice here: ZKL 51406
  • Heavy duty screw for azimuth rotation I have choice here Tr 40

More details and technical documentation soon. Expected torque moment on dish axe is 11950 Nm.

April 2007

New Elevation system installed

May 2007

New Azimuth system installed 1st part

Jun 2007

New Azimuth system installed 2nd part

July 2007

New tracking and frequency changers for engines

 Year 2019

Project of 10m mesh dish ended in July 2019. Dish was put down and moved to Germany, where will be use for 70 and 23cm EME traffic by Sebastian DG5CST.

I will be focusing now to MW bands with 2,6m offset and 8m offset dish.