New system for Elevation

During the Kirill wind storm on 14th of January 2007 I have lost my gears for Elevation and Azimuth. After couple weeks I got all parts and can to start repairing of whole system. On following pictures you can see first progress in this case.

Click on picture increase the size of picture.

This gear including TR36 screw with 3 ton load in vertical, with full length. Engine is three phase 0,37 kW.

Previous system with satellite actuator. Screw inside is totally damaged. I am looking forward  for the Moon again.

New gear and engine installed.

Now I am working on azimuth gear, which including also moving screw but much stronger. 8 ton in vertical and 2000mm length. I will inform in next days and public also description of that. I hope that junior will draw all schematics in Cad.

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