3,4 GHz EME setup

Septum polarized feed, redesign RA3AQ with circular wave guide output. SMA relay switching RX port to 50 ohm dummy load and G4DDK VLNA 25dB gain and 0,55dB N/F with ATF36077 and ATF54143 on second stage. All included in water proof plastic box.

Open TRV box. TRV installed in water proof plastic box with possibility to install TRV on back side of the dish.

Sequencer and input RX part with filter TRV and output filter. LO -65dB and circulator Siemens 3,4 GHz
SSPA Toshiba - 45dBm max. out RF
Bellow plate with TRV and filters are installed TCXOs for 3,4 and 3,456 GHz with multipliers. All set up was also used during OM/OK1DFC EME DX pedition.

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