During weekend of May i worked JT on 432 MHz with DK2ZF. His first ever EME 432 MHz QSO and test antennas preparing to pacific area. Here are some pictures.

Antenna pointing to the Moon
Rolf working his first ever EME QSO and wrote:

Fine Zdenek, my first real two-way qso on 432 MHz !!! Using 2x19 xpol DK7ZB modified and transmitted RHCP - I hope so - can switch between V and H in receive. Here attached are two photos 

2. OP is very happy XYL made the photo just after complete qso 

1. my antennas 

YES, CW no problem former ships radio officer - so CW is easy as a talk... will try again this afternoon with DL7APV. On the BEKO PA the switch box for V/H. Preamp and relay is housed in the plastic box at the antennas.



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