Hi all, my 2h EME activity on 23cm were very successful and fun. I QSOed: OK1DFC, PA3CSG, DJ9YW, OK2DL, ES5PC, OK1KIR, JA6AHB, OZ6OL, ES6RQ, G4CCH.

Congratulations to all of them. i might be QRV tomorrow again. i would be on 21-23UTC at the 1296.090 (RX on own echo frequency) in JT65C (TX first). I wish merry Christmas to all of you!!


73 de Bodo, DU/DL3OCH



Hello my friends,

thanks all for the QSOs. It was really fun to work you form Philippines. I was qrv for only two hours and got 10 QSOs in the log. However, the conditions here are not perfect for EME. My space was too small. I needed quite some elevation to come over the house, but couldn't go too high, because there are power lines right above my antenna. In the other end of the antenna was the door. But it worked out. I will not be QRV on EME form here again. ...at least not this time. Attached a few pictures. Sorry that I could not work during moonrise. There is no way to see the moon below 20deg elevation. I would have to move to another place but that's too difficult and danger in the darkness.

I wish you all the best for 2011 and hope to work you in the future.

73 de Bodo, DU/DL3OCH


Yagi on the bamboo mast in truck Bodo operating station

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