ARUBA P43L EME DX pedition  

I think it is time to get serious about skeds.  Everything seems to be fitting in place.  Lisandro, P43L has a 12' dish!  OK1DFC is making the feed for 23 cm.  I will bring my TS2000X and 200 W SSPA and LNAs, etc. I recommend that skeds be for the 24th, 25th and 26th (Eur window only for resked and clean up).  I will arrive on the 20th and hope to be QRV earlier.  I will let you know via e-mail and/or telephone if I can be QRV sooner.  I should have access to e-mail and the Internet.  

I had hoped to start skeds on the 23rd, but a big Thanksgiving dinner is planned for the 22nd (local).  I will try to get on after the dinner. The call will be P43L.  Because of the contest I think we should operate higher in the band than .035 and suggest we use .045, but am open to your recommendation.  I want to stay away from .065 because of possible JT activity. I will operate primarily CW (2.5 min), but will switch to JT65C upon request.  If I don't hear a station in the first 15 minutes of a sked, I will call CQ.  (I want to keep things simple and will try to always operate on the same frequency). I  plan to make a feed for 70 cm and take it and a 100 W SSPA with me. With the 12' dish I should be able to work DL9KR to help him finish off DXCC and possibly some of the other bigger stations.  I will only operate 432 after I feel I have finished with 23 cm.  If there is not enough time, I will leave the 70 cm equipment and set up Lisandro to operate 432 after I have gone.  A real bonus is that Lisandro is interested in getting permanently setup for EME.  He has a 736R with 1296, so all he will need is the amplifier, feed and relay. Have I missed anything? 

73, Al - K2UYH 

EME schedules, last update 18 Nov 2007, 19:44 by Joe K1RQG


Skeds for NOV 24
Time   on 1296.045      
0000z P43L -HB9BBD
0030z P43L -OK1DFC
0100z P43L -PA3CSG
0130z P43L -OE9ERC
0200z P43L -G4CCH
0230z P43L -DJ9YW
0300z P43L -DL1YMK
0330z P43L -OK1KIR
0400z P43L -LA9NEA
0430z P43L -OK1CA
0500z P43L -K5JL
0530z P43L -W5LUA
0600z P43L -WW2R
0630z P43L -K2DH
0830z P43L -JH1KRC
0900z P43L -JR4ZZS
0940z P43L -VK3UM


Skeds for NOV 25
Time   1296.045      
0030z P43L -SM5LE
0100z P43L -OZ4MM
0130z P43L -SM3AKW
0200z P43L -HB9Q
0230z P43L -G3LTF
0300z P43L -G4RGK
0330z P43L -SM2CEW
0400z P43L -SP7DCS
0430z P43L -IZ1BPN
0500z P43L -VE1ALQ
0530z P43L -VE6TA
0600z P43L -WA6PY
0630z P43L -N2UO
0900z P43L -JR4ZZS
0930z P43L -JH1KRC
1100z P43L -VK3UM

HOT news 22nd of November 2007

Hi Zdenek, We arrived in Aruba all OK on Tuesday and visited P43L's QTH. The dish needed some work to be put in operation, but all looked encouraging. The mounting of the dish should be now completed. They were doing it this afternoon. I had hoped to get started today, but now the plan is for me to start connecting up the equipment tomorrow. All the equipment is at P43L's QTH. I plan to arrive tomorrow morning to mount the feed and connect stuff up... There is a small chance I could be QRV tomorrow, but I am committed to be at a Thanksgiving Dinner at 0000Z. If time permits I may be able to start testing before or after the dinner. I'll send more info and picture tomorrow. Please pass on to K1RQG and others.

73, Al - K2UYH

HOT news 23rd of November 2007

Dish is up. Should be on tomorrow. Got to go, Write more later.
73, Al K2UYH

HOT news 24th of November 2007

Hi Zdenek,
It was very close time wise. When we tried to mount the dish on Thursday, we discovered the back plate of the dish had totally rotted away. It was like paper. We had to design a different mounting arrangement and re-build the back of the dish. This took a lot of time and made operation on moonrise on Thursday/Friday not possible. I had business meetings in the morning on Friday, and could not be at P43L until the afternoon to do the final feed mounting and equipment setup. When I arrived we had rain for the first time since I have been here. We had to work between showers, but everything was completed before sked time. Our only problem was we had no moon to reference our readouts. Fortunately I was able to find HB9BBD's big signal on our first sked. It was close hi, but once we found him, we were in business. Things worked very well from then on. Later the moon became visible, which made operation easier. We did have another rain show that should us down for a while, but this was in a no skeds period - between end of Eur/NA skeds and beginning of JA/VK skeds.
WE QSO'd HB9BBD on sked, K1JT tailend (TE), OK1DFC (your signal was FB, but weaker than I expected - was something wrong?), K5JT TE, K9SLQ TE, PA3CSG, OE9ERC early, DF3RU TE, G4CCH early, OZ4MM TE, OK1KIR TE, DJ9YW TE, OK1CA TE, HB9Q TE, RW1AW TE, K2UYH TE, DL1YMK, W5LUA TE, DL4MEA TE, LA9NEA (called just before on low end, but did not respond), 0430 VE6TA Ran, G4CCH on JT, K1JT JT, nil WW2R, K2DH, called JA8ERE at low end, but did not respond, K5SO ran, nil JR4ZZH, nil JH1KRC, some QRZs, nil VK3UM. We have some trees on the western horizon, but continued until 5 degrees. I hope for similar luck tonight, although some rain showers are again predicted.
We plan to give 70 cm a try on Monday morning.

73, Al - K2UYH

HOT news 25th of November 2007

Hi Zdenek,
We had problems with rain last night. I managed to keep everything dry enough to operate with the rain until about 0635 when there was a cloudburst. 4" of rain fell in a matter of minutes. I was in QSO with N2UO. He was sending OR, but I could bearly hear him from the noise of the rain falling on the tarp on my head. We then lost the control system, probably from the several inches of water on the ground. I was also afraid the PA might be wet. It kicked off too. With all the water, we decided there was no choice but to shut down. It is too bad as we easily could have easily completed with Marc and work some JAs and others.
Last night we QSO'd K2UYH again on JT, ES5PC on JT, SM5LE on JT sked, OH2DG on CW sked, 0115 SM3LBN TE, SM3AKW, SP6JLW TE, OZ6OL TE, 0200 nil PA3FXB on JT -he copied us, G3LTF - in heavy rain, F6KHM ran, nil G4RGK, nil SP5DCS, nil IZ1BPN, nil WW2R, nil WA6PY and partial N2UO (O/O) - down pour - forced off before final Rs.
The 70 cm feed is now in the dish. I have very limited time tonight as we are leaving tomorrow morning. I emailed a sked to Jan for 0000 on 432.045. I will also e-mail HB9Q about a sked for 0030. I suggest you tailend Jan or Dan. If you can't make it earlier, I will call you at 0100. Stig also wrote me for a 70 cm sked. I am also going to suggest that he tries to tailend on your sked.
I will be working with P43L to get him on EME permanently. I am leaving him everything to be operational on 70 cm (feed, feedline, relays, preamp, ... he has a 100 W SSPA that we will be using tonight.
Let's hope for better luck tonight.
73, Al - K2UYH (my cell telephone is +1-609-947-3889). 

LOG from P43L
Nov 24, 2007 1296 MHz Nov 25, 2007 1296 MHz Nov 26, 2007 432 MHz

0000 HB9BBD (559/549) 1-1

0020 K1JT (559/559) 2-2

0030 OK1DFC (549/559) 3-3

0045 K5JL (559/559) 4-4

0051 K9SLQ (569/559)  5-5

0058 PA3CSG (O/O) 6-6

0112 OE9ERC (559/569) 7-7

0120 DF3RU (559/559) 8-8

0126 G4CCH (559/549) 9-9

0133 OZ4MM (559/559) 10-10

0140 OK1KIR (559/559) 11-10

0150 DJ9YW (559/549) 12-10

0204 OK1CA (559/549) 13-10

0211 HB9Q (559/539) 14-11

0217 RW1AW (559/O) 15-12

0231 K2UYH (559/559) 16-12 *

0300 DL1YMK (559/O) 17-12

0315 W5LUA (559/549) 18-13

0320 DL4MEA (549/549) 19-13

0405 LA9NEA (O/O) 20-14

0436 VE6TA (559/459) 21-15

0540 G4CCH (O/O) JT65 1-1

0551 K1JT (O/O) JT65 JT2-2

0630 K2DH (559/449) 22-16

0840 K5SO (569/569) 23-17

0006 K2UYH (10DB/16DB) JT65 JT3-2 *

0028 ES5PC (O/O) JT65 JT4-3

0030 SM5LE (21DB/O) JT565 JT5-4

0100 OH2DG (559/539) 24-18

0115 SM3LBN (459/559) 25-19

0130 SM3AKW (559/549) 26-19

0138 SP6JLW (459/539) 27-20

0147 OZ6OL (559/549) 28-20

0230 G3LTF (559/439) 29-20

0250 F6KHN (559/O) 30-21

0630 N2UO (O/O) in complete


0020 DL9KR (O/O) 1-1

0030 HB9Q (O/O) 2-2

0100 OZ4MM (O/O) no complete


Total stations 1296 CW 29  (K1JT = K2UYH)

Total stations 1296 JT 4

Total stations 1296 31

Total stations 432   2

Lisandro P43L installing 13 dish
Elevation readout and contra weight Azimuth readout

Al K2UYH and Lisandro P43L - Aruba flag

Al K2UYH and Lisandro P43L - operating EME

Lisandro P43L and his friend installing 432 MHz feed

Thank you Al for GREAT JOB !!!! - W.W. EME Gang
Hi Zdenek, The web page looks great! -- TNX. Please add a line of TNX to yourself (OK1DFC) for providing the 1296 feed, WD5AGO for sending backup preamps, [we used his preamp on 23 cm - there were no preamp failures] and K1RQG for coordinating the skeds. Also to yourself again for the web-page. I also want to thank P43L and his XYL for the wonderful hospitality and participation. I do not think Lisandro realized what he was getting himself into. I expect there will be regular EME activity from Aruba in the future. 
73, Al - K2UYH
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