SP/OK5EME - short EME expedition

 ***MW EME units portable testing ***

10 GHz (9cm & 6cm) - 19th of August 2017



During SP microwave and EME meeting on Stara Morawa I will be focusing to test last upgrades in TRV for 3cm. New SSPA for 10 GHz with 52W RF output and test JA band 10450 MHz especially during Saturday moonrise. I would like to try also 9cm and 6cm setup and time which I need for exchange between bands. It will be the last test of MW portable setup before CN2R EME expedition.

Locator JO80KG64LV


Moon in those days will be in good position. East and west horizon are covered by hills up to 18°elevation, but due to high declination of Moon I will have plenty time to test. Pictures of spread etc. courtesy of EA3HMJ from his web follows here. On the place is not good internet connection but I will try spot some info on HB9Q by smart phone. Specially during Moonset I will have low spread. Expecting to build station during day of Friday and full traffic keep during Saturday.
Friday 18/08/2017
SATURDAY 19/08/2017 - Great Moon conditions, spread during west window is very low.

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