SP/OK5EME - short EME pedition

 ***MW EME units portable testing ***

5,6 - 10 GHz - 11th-15th of August 2016


During short EME pedition were very bad conditions. Moon was low -20°declination and spread was 180Hz. But main reason was test units in hard conditions outside of home where are available all technical supports, units and etc. Anyway, I was able to work couple stations on both bands.

3cm: OK1KIR -18/-18dB, OZ1LPR -17/-20dB, HB9Q -14/-20dB, UA4HTS -12/-19dB. QSO with PA3DZL n.c.

6cm: HB9Q –12/-17dB JT4F, HB9Q CW O/RO, random with UA3PTW –15/-14dB, OZ1LPR -21/-17dB

Due to low Moon declination I had also very short Moon window. During Moonrise I had still with 12°elevation ground noise 5dB and Moonset was block by Kralicky sneznik and Cerna hora mountains with 1452 and 1205 m.a.s.l. In that reason I was not able to work anybody from USA. I hope to have chance organize more peditions in close future and activating more locators in OK too. On the end some picture from pedition.

5760 MHz setup

First QSO with OK1KIR on the 3cm band

Detail of 5760 MHz setup

New portable 19" rack with units and shelf for cables

Hills in Moonrise position

Comfortable work place in small wooden house

Test with OK1KIR

Spread 180 Hz on the OK1KIR signal

5760 MHz QSO with Dima UA3PTW

10368 QSO with Toly UA4HTS

Hope to work many of you during next pedition.



5,6 GHz TRV DB6NT - 1,8m dish - LNA 0,7dB N/F DB6NT - Septum feed OK1DFC - SSPA 100 W @ feed

10 GHz TRV DB6NT - 1,8m dish - LNA 0,8dB N/F DB6NT - Linear feed V pol with Chaparral ring - SSPA 28W @ feed


TRVs LO PLL locked with GPS 10 MHz normal


OE5JFL tracking SW - TRV + IC9100 LO PLL locked - sequencer - USB JT4F interface - MicroHam


New 3400 MHz TRV

New 5756 MHz TRV

 I am planning short EME pedition to Poland from 11th till 15th of August 2016. I want to test my new TRVs for those MW bands before planning large EME DX pedition in 2017. I want to test CW and JT4F traffic, including also test of WSJT-X with full Doppler correction. I am not sure if my new build of 10 GHz 50W SSPA will be ready, but for sure I will try 27W SSPA which I am using now. Also I want to test new upgraded OE5JFL controller with speed control of rotors engines in manual regime and reprogramming of antenna position without using correction buttons. More details will follow here before pedition.

Place of seminar EME and MW held by SP VHF club

organization committee SP6KBL

Staszek SP6GWB, Andrzej SP6JLW, Jacek SP6OPN

Locator JO80KG64LV

New 10368 MHz TRV

Moon in those days will be very low and fare. EME conditions are not brilliant for week MW signals, but term of meeting is fix and I will try do my best. Pictures of spread etc. courtesy of EA3HMJ from his web. I will inform about horizon etc. asap on HB9Q and VHF Miles and More when arrive to seminar place.

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