SP/OK5EME - short EME pedition

3,4 GHz - 14th-15th of August 2015


Rig: 3,4 GHz TRV DB6NT - 3,2m dish + LNA 0,5dB N/F DB6NT - Septum feed OK1DFC - SSPA 50W RF - OE5JFL tracking SW - TRV + IC9100 - sequencer - USB JT65 interface - MicroHam

New 3400 MHz TRV

3,2m dish with TRV in focus point


             Here is short story from my EME pedition to Poland on 14th and 15th of August 2015. I was QRV with my portable setup on 3400 MHz and tested also new transverter. During the evening on 13th of August I was able to build antenna and temporary working place in building which is in construction now and extending of existing hotel. More you can see on pictures. 14th of August morning I have installed TRV in focus point of antenna and testing Sun noise. For first look was all ok, Sun noise 12dB etc., but during first QSO with Dan HB9Q, I recognize something wrong. Signal from Dan was not strong enough. So I measured Sun noise again and it was only 9 dB. Hmm, I start to check all again and again and was not able to find anything strange. Then I follow up with TXing. Feed and TX worked well, because received reports marked good signal via Moon. Shortly, I was able to work 19 QSOs, and then TRV stopped RX totally. When I arrived home, I have found problem in resistance potentiometer for setup of idle current in input NE 32584. It was not full time, just only if I increase temperature of TRV with hair dryer, I was able to simulate same problems as I had in SP with heated TRV on Sun. So TRV is now repaired and ready for other tests. I will try all again maybe in MW ARRL 2015.

Worked stations: HB9Q JT4F, HB9Q – JT65c, PA3DZL JT65c, PA3DZL - CW, OH2DG – CW, LX1DB – CW, PY2BS – JT65c, G3LTF – CW, HB9Q – CW, PA0BAT – JT65c, OZ6OL – JT65c, PA0BAT – CW, W5LUA – JT65c, W5LUA - CW, VK4CDI – JT65c, VK3NX – CW, OK1KIR – JT65c, PA3DZL – JT65c, OK1KIR – CW

I have to apologize to others which were on the band and waited for me, but sorry I was not able to repair it on portable. So for next pedition to SP I will take 3,4 GHz again and will be chance work me for sure.


Terrain profile to the west

Profile Moonset 260°AZ

Profile Moonset 270°AZ

Profile Moonset 280°AZ

Profile Moonset 290°AZ

Temporary working place in building site QSO with Dan HB9Q
Waterfall with HB9Q signal Dish with TRV
Pointing to the Moon

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