SP/OK5EME - SP6MLK test - 6cm unit GAJÓW

JO80EM - 8th-10th Jun 2017

last update on 17.06.2017

During weekend 8-10th of June I was testing portable setup on EME and MW seminar in Poland. I was so happy to see after very long time our well known EME guru Erick OE9ERC and many other friends. Anyway, as I inform you last week on Moonnet, I was testing setup which will be use in EME expedition to Morocco in October this year. I had built 6cm system, which is finalized and is in final version now. I was so happy to see, that all works well. Great thanks is going to Hannes OE5JFL and Walter ON4BCB for all upgrades of controlling system. To Eddy ON7UN for help with very nice 180cm dish and many others for consultations and discussing. Whole Sun orbit we were able to see shadow on right place in the dish and noise measured was constant all the time. Measured results are:
Sun noise 9,8dB - 10dB - exactly according VK3UM calculator
Ground noise/Cold Sky noise 5,4dB
Own echo visible on spectrum waterfall, but -4dB and very week hearable. Also expected according VK3UM calculator.
Last big thanks go to OK1KIR team and Dan HB9Q, which even so worse Moon conditions were, for test. I was so happy work them as SP6MLK with very good signals and according their report, they did not have any problem to copy me. We worked CW, SSB and JT4 with HB9Q and CW and JT with OK1KIR. Pity that Jac PA3DZL had so bad WX in that time. Now I am finishing last details in 3cm band TRV upgrade and hope to test it soon. I am happy announce that Yoshiro JA4BLC send me converter from 226 MHz to 144 MHz and I will be able test also JA stations on 10450 MHz.
All details about progress with 7 band EME DX expedition to Morocco you can follow up here.

UTC 21:45 HB9Q -16/-16dB JT4F
UTC 21:52 HB9Q 52/54 SSB
UTC 22:02 OK1KIR -14/-12dB JT4F
UTC 22:14 OK1KIR 339/449 CW
UTC 22:19 HB9Q 539/559 CW

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