EME VHF - UHF - SHF pedition 144 - 432 - 1296 - 2320 MHz

21st - 28th of OCTOBER 2011

Pedition QTH - OLBIA north Sardinia Gulf of Marinella





ELLI print prepared our final version of QSL which will be available third week in November and we will post it immediately to who send us direct and SASE. QSLs without SASE we will answer by QSL bureau.

Front side of our QSL Rear side of our QSL
Short IS0/OK5EME DX pedition story
IS0/OK5EME pedition is over. We were active as much as possible, but due to very low Moon declination in last days of expedition we had problems with ground QRM and horizon. Anyway we try to give chance to work us anybody who was interesting to work with us and together with 144 MHz we have logged close to 400 QSOs. After 1450km long trip which included also 8 hours ferry between Livorno and Olbia during night first part of pedition arrived on Thursday 20th of October and start to build our camp. Second part arrived on Friday 21st of October and immediately we started together build 144 and 432 MHz. Our first goal was participation in ARRL. So evening 21st we were ready and all units and antennas we had on the place. 22nd of October morning we started when Moon passed hills and gives us chance to see him first time from IS0. Traffic on 144 was from first call very nice and was not problem to have on the screen more than 10 calling station together. Zdenek OK3RM operated 144 and Slawek DL6SH worked as a coordinator with very bad internet connection. On 432 MHz we called CQ, but not response. Than Slawek bring info, that stations decoding and calling us, but we did not see anything. In cooperation with Bernd DL7APV which worked for us as a beacon for RX test, we find mechanical problem in coaxial relay. Maybe during transportation something happened, but thanks to spare relay in OK3RM luggage we fixed problem in 30 minutes and was fully QRV. Than we worked also stations on 432 MHz and the log you can see bellow. Traffic was as we expected. On the 432 MHz we had Sun noise 6,5dB and strongest were DL7APV and couple days later K5GW. Only one thing was bad for us, we had problem with QRM from 144 MHz and was necessary to keep same period traffic in first minutes. Some stations did not call according this time frame and we had problem to read them. Also stations which called us CW during our JT65 CQ we worked easy, because WSJT9.0 including CW and was easy to setup 1 min periods there too. After Moonset we decide immediately exchange feed for 1296 MHz and test Sun noise before Sun set to avoid possible problems as we had on 432 MHz. Sun noise was 14,5dB and also position of the dish according display of OE5JFL controlling system was o.k. After short sleep we started second leg of ARRL. Again 144 MHz was o.k. and also 1296 MHz worked well. We lost only some time due to waiting Moon over horizon, because trees and hills where on Moonrise site 10°. Our result on 1296 MHz you can see in the log bellow. Monday 24th of October we were QRV 2320 MHz. Sun noise 14dB indicated that all is o.k. and we worked all stations which we find on the band. During Monday we had also visit of group IS0 hams, which were very interesting what we are doing and see EME traffic. Arrived also Mario I0NAA which helped us very much with contacts to IS0 guys and with accommodation. 25th October we again switch to 432 MHz, but Moon was in that time very low and close to Sun. 26th we decide travel around island La Maddalena because Sun was in same position as Moon and we had strong noise on 144 MHz and other bands. 27th of October we worked couple stations on 144 MHz but activity was very low. We start to wrap up antennas and all the stuff be ready for Saturday trip home. All the team arrived on Sunday evening, only Slawek DL6SH follow up travel on Monday home from QTH of Zdenek OK3RM. So IS0 pedition is over. We discussed during free time what will be next. For sure we will follow up with our activity. New tripod and feeds show us that we are on right way. So next pedition we want to extend for 9cm, 6cm and 3cm band. We know, that it is crazy, but only new targets are interesting and motivating in our hobby. See you than next time somewhere. 73! Team OK5EME
144 MHz log 432 MHz log 1296 MHz log 2320 MHz log
Welcome on Sardinia, first dinner before start of ARRL 70cm ready 
2320 MHz work place 144 MHz and 2320 MHz ready, SSPA behind of dish
Dish ready for 432 MHz first part of ARRL Also 144 MHz ready and pointing to the Moon
Antennas on the roof of our accommodation Visit of IS0 hams and Mario I0NAA which helped us much to go to IS0
Team from left OK1NP OK3RM OK1DFC DL6SH Antenna down
Last evening in Sardinia - see you next time anywhere Wrap up and go home

Thank you very much for donation of Expedition by:

Sam G4DDK - VLNA 13cm, Pete WA2ODO - VLNA 144 MHz, Jac PA3DZL, Jan DL9KR, Uwe DG8NCO, Karl DF3RU, Michael WZ5Q


144 MHz - 4x11el. Yagi G0KSC - PA GS35B 1500 W - MicroHam, IC9100 - ATF54143 VLNA, SEQUENCER for IC9100 - OE5JFL antenna controller made by HB9DRI

1296 MHz - 3,2m dish + LNA NE325 G4DDK - 0,3dB - Septum feed OK1DFC - PA YD1335 - TRV OK1DFC with DB6NT PLL LO and Rubidium + IC7700 - sequencer - JT65 interface - MicroHam OE5JFL antenna controller made by HB9DRI 

432 MHz - 3,2m dish + LNA ATF54143 - 0,3dB - OK1DFC design - Ring feed OK1DFC - PA  2X3CX800A7 K1FO design.  TRV OK1DFC with DB6NT PLL LO and Rubidium + IC7700 - sequencer - JT65 interface - MicroHam - OE5JFL antenna controller made by HB9DRI 

2302 - 2304 - 2320 - 2424 MHz - 3,2m dish + LNA NE325 - 0,46dB - G4DDK design - Septum feed OK1DFC - PA  SSPA 140W RF - TRV OK1DFC with N5AC PLL LO and Rubidium + IC7700 - sequencer - OE5JFL antenna controller made by HB9DRI 


Operation time:


22.10.2011 - 144 & 432 MHz full first period of ARRL EME contest

visible Moon 00:20 UTC - 13:40 UTC - Sun offset 50°

23.10.2011 - 144 & 1296 MHz full second period of ARRL EME contest

visible Moon 01:40 - 14:20 UTC - Sun offset 29°

24.10.2011 - 144 & 2320 all QRGs on 13cm

visible Moon 03:00 - 14:40 UTC - Sun offset 15°


25.10. to 28.10.2011 - all the time 144 MHz, others QRGs according request - also 144 MHz M/S QRV when Moon not available over horizon.

25.10. - 04:00 - 15:20 UTC -  - Sun offset 15°

26.10. - 05:20 - 16:00 UTC - Sun offset 9°

27.10. - 06:40 - 16:40 UTC - Sun offset 13°

28.10. - 08:00 - 17:40 UTC - Sun offset 20°

29.10. - 09:00 - 18:20 UTC - Sun offset 33°


Operation QRGs:


144 MHz

144,150 MHz JT65B always first period

144,010 MHz CW


432 MHz

432,065 MHz JT65B always first period

432,035 MHz CW


1296 MHz

1296,065 MHz JT65C always first period

1296,035 MHz CW


2320 MHz

2301,950 - 2304,100 - 2320,100 - 2424,100 MHz CW and JT65C


19th of October
First part of team leave OK at 06:00 local time and start trip 1450km including ferry from Livorno to Olbia. Expected time 16 hours trip. Second part of team leaving home on 20th of October and will be in IS0 QTH at 06:30 local time Friday 21st of October. So expedition started. We will try to keep inform you about progress of building antennas etc. when arrive to QTH Marinella on Sardinia. Looking forward to work many EMErs during our pedition.

source of map

16th of October

Details from Antenna system test

Top Left OK3RM - down left final installation of coax relay box, right top G0KSC installation to the system by OK3RM and OK1NP, down right TRX IC9100 with sequencer and accessories

Hi EME gang, we have finally tested our system on 144 MHz. System consist 4x11el. G0KSC LFA - 0,5dB LNA (will be replaced by better one in IS0) and 1,5kW PA with GS35B. I have to say that system works really great!!! We worked in beginning of our test with only IC9100 100W and were able to work stations without problems. Than we tested our spare PA 500W out and signal was much better according info received by stations back. Zdenek OK3RM and Honza OK1NP will wrap up whole system Sunday morning and prepare for transportation to IS0. First part of team OK3RM, OK1NP and DL6SH leaving OK in Wednesday rest of team OK1DFC on Thursday due to some QRL issues. We expect to be ready on Friday next week afternoon, take a rest and sharp start is expecting in contest from 00:00 UTC Saturday 22nd of October. Please try to leave announced QRGs above free for us. We do not know how looks internet connection there, so not sure that we will be able public more info from IS0. Anyway I have my GSM handy and will try pass all necessary info trough phone contacts between you if not internet connection. Keep us cross a fingers and looking forward to work many of you via Moon.  
73! OK5EME team

13th of October

Busy day as usually

Zdenek OK3RM and Honza OK1NP finished today Yagis for 144 MHz. On pictures above you can see more details. Down left, G0KSC on the mast before tuning, down right other 3 G0KSC waiting for measuring and tuning, Top left Honza OK1NP preparing G0KSC for measuring, top right Honza measuring G0KSC
New feeds 432 - 1296 - 2320 MHz from left to right
Feed for 432 MHz - hanks to bearing in axe we can exchange easy V to H pol and back
Feed for 1296 MHz with OM6AA chaparral ring
Feed for 2320 MHz with OM6AA chaparral ring
Courtesy of Petr OK1FAQ I have all mechanical parts for feed holders. They are very robust but very light, see details above. I have finish also last mechanical parts before weekend and start to collect all necessary technology together. Before I leave a home I have to measure all cables on vector analyzer to be sure that no problem with them on IS0. I have build new collars for my feeds by Rasto OM6AA to increase efficiency of illuminating of our dish and also we will have feed for 432 MHz which will be possible manually turn in polarization V/H. During weekend we expect to test our 144 MHz setup. Pictures later.

11th of October



Tonight I have finish other important unit for our pedition. For 144 MHz we will use TRX IC9100. I had problem, how to inside a new unit build separate RX/TX port avoid any possible damage of LNA. I decide to build special sequencer which including also small PS for negative DC -5V which I am connecting trough sequencer to ALC of the unit. Reason was, that drilling holes for connectors on rear panel and soldering inside will cut warranty. So sequencer working in standard manner when is during switching ON unit period presented +12V to LNA, antenna relay and relay which is included in sequencer and working as a primary switch RX/TX front of TRX IC9100. Idea is, with no presented DC all the time has to be way switched to TX position. When push PTT or PTT of DIGI KEYER from MicroHam, relays inside switch off DC from LNA, antenna relay and relay in sequencer and switch on +12V for PTT in PA and GND for TRV and TRX. Same time last relay in sequencer which switching on TRV switching off negative PS and de-blocking ALC -5V and TRX is ready for transmitting. So simple unit tested with 432 MHz EME setup tonight show, that all works well and we do not will have problems as we had in E7 with FT847 and with damaged 144 MHz LNA. For 432 MHz and up is already build similar system in TRV as a separate RX/TX ports , so there is not a problem. Whole setup with new sequencer showing picture up.

10th of October

We started preparing of our EME expedition during summer this year. In previous peditions we were not satisfy with tripod and system for 144 MHz. Zdenek OK3RM decide to build portable 4x6m G0KSC system for 144 MHz and I have build new tripod with HB9DRI control system for our 3,2m dish. Currently I am building in this time also new portable feeds for 432 - 1296 - 2320 MHz. Accuracy is now 0,2°angle of azimuth and elevation. We expected to use during pedition also 10 GHz but in last minute we decide to do not take equipments with us to IS0. Maybe in future because necessary to test it before what was not possible now duty to buys time in QRL. Left picture showing whole tripod. ProSistel antenna rotator rebuild with HB9DRI sensors and also picture on right down showing previous Control Box of ProSistel where is now seating HB9DRI controller. For elevation I have use Satellite actuator 24" long and detail of read out system is on right up. More details will follow up here soon. Also during expedition we try to upgrade page here.

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